Im-posed Will (ĭm-pōz'd) (wĭl)
1. The faculty of consciousness the MIND has over its own actions, that has been harnessed, to accomplish ANY means through force. 


WHAT IT MEANS TO IMPOSE YOUR WILL ______________________________________________________

You know when you hit that sweet spot? When you're... 'in the zone.' When everything around you disappears, and you're completely tuned in to the task at hand. Everything happens almost.... effortlessly. You're in Flow state. THAT is Imposing Your Will.

Or that moment you want to quit? When your inner bitch voice is saying, 'you've had enough!' 'This is too hard!' 'You don't need this, you can just quit!'... But you don't quit. Instead, you push though that weakness. Because you know that voice is lying. THAT is Imposing Your Will. It's a MINDSET. It's a way of being.


WHO WE ARE         ______________________________________________________

Imposed Will is a lifestyle brand created in the heart of the Midwest and founded on a very simple philosophy


Our MIND is the key to achieving ANY goal. Once we learn this and do the work necessary, success is only a matter of time.

We are a close-knit community of likeminded people, from all backgrounds, set out to live our purpose and achieve massive goals. We believe mediocrity and average are the enemy. There are no shortcuts. No secret recipes for success. Success is nothing more than the constant, relentless, effort to become better than yesterday.

You will have to do the work. You will endure adversity. What matters is how you respond to that adversity. You have to believe that through struggle, comes growth.

Our mind is the single greatest asset we all have in the daily battle against mediocrity. Whatever you choose to do in life, put your whole self into it and enjoy yourself in the process. The process is everything. Believe in the process.  

Actions Are Truth


WHAT WE DO       _______________________________________________________

At Imposed Will, we make premium athletic wear and apparel, with an emphasis on quality, performance and style. We create every item with the same basic idea: 'Is this something that we would want for ourselves?' If the answer is yes, then we obsess over getting it just right so we can share it with you.

For us, it's about today, tomorrow and the big picture of life. It's about creating impact, inspiring our generation, providing something of substance and culture, and above all doing it with integrity and as a close-knit community. 

Wearing the Imposed Will brand on your body represents a stoic dedication to continuous improvement and is a statement of support that we take very seriously. Loyalty above all. You deserve our best, and we attack every day with the purpose of giving it to you.


WHAT WILL YOU DO? _______________________________________________________

Success is a long journey that begins with a single decision to take control of your life. With all of your strength, WILL, faith, and grit you have take that first step forward, knowing you cannot and will not fail. Then take the next step, followed by another and another, until Imposing Your Will becomes what you do. A way of being.

It's up to you to take the first step. To go against the path of least resistance, the self doubt, nonbelievers, and negative influences. It's up to you to believe in yourself and the process. Knowing, 'where there is a will, there is a way.' No one can do it for you. We are here for you along the way. However ultimately, it's up to you to

Impose Your Will.